6 Hip Joint Pain Medications that Really Work Magic

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Aug 172013
Image showing a sore hip joint caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis

Do all hip joint pain medication really work? or are they just another calculated reason for you to get your wallet out? here are simple types that will definitely work.

Joints are parts of your body where bones connect. They not only help in motion but they also provide support. An injury or disease that interferes with the functioning of any of your joints are known to cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Pain in your joint can be severe and really hinder you from doing many things especially if the pain revolves around your hip.

The good news however, is that there are many ways that help to relieve joint pain though the type of medication will depend on the joint pain causes.

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Hip pain due to injury during sports activities Image Credits to rnw.nl

Robinson from Florida send me an email a week ago describing his joint problem. For about three weeks, his joints around the knees and hips had been aching.

He hardly plays his favorite hockey game because of this. Often, he finds it hard just to stretch his legs and while the pain was mild within the first week, it now became severe.

Robinson claimed he has been using over-the-counter medications  including pain relief drugs and a few anti-inflammatory drugs but none has given him a lasting solution.

He wanted to find out the best step he should take to eliminate his hip joint pains.

Common Causes and Symptoms of Hip Joint Pain

Different conditions can result in joint pains and examples include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, strains, gout, sprains, bursitis and other injuries. Joint pain is very common in different parts of the world.

A recent national survey in the United States revealed that a third of adults reported experiencing joint pain within the previous 30 days. The survey showed that the most common complaints were knee pain, hip pain and shoulder pain.

However, joint pain can actually affect different parts of your body, including from your shoulders to the ankles. Besides, joint pain is usually more common as you age.

Pain in your joints can range from the mild irritation to the debilitating type. It may be acute and go away within a few days or it can be chronic and last for several months or weeks.

Additionally, short-term inflammation within your joints can really affect the quality of your life. Irrespective of what may cause the joint pain.

However, You can use different types medicine to relieve it.

Types of Medication that Will Cure Your Hip Joint Pain

1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

These drugs provide instant relief to the joint pain. You should use them because of their safety. Of course, like other forms of medication, you should not exceed the recommended usage or abuse them because of the possible side effects. Besides, you should use them alongside other home remedies. Examples of NSAIDs are aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen and piroxicam.

2. COX-2 Inhibitors

The COX-2 inhibitors refer to NSAIDs, which helps in blocking the COX-2 enzyme. The blocking of the COX-2 enzyme prevents the secretion of the chemical messengers. This prevention helps to relieve the pain and the inflammation of your joints caused by arthritis. Use of COX-2 inhibitors is the latest way to treat joint aches and their use in increasing each time.

But before you use them check out their side effects in this video below

3. Steroids

You can use steroids occasionally to relieve your joint pains. You can use it in two possible ways: by taking it orally in small doses or through injection into your painful joint. Steroids help to bring instant relief from pain and inflammation in your joints. Doctors usually prescribe them and you should only take them under supervision. Do not abuse these drugs as they may lead to alarming problems later on in your life.

4. Gout Medications

Sometimes, a chronic disease, known as gout, can cause joint pains. The symptoms will include a painful inflammation of your joints, especially in your feet and hands because of the excess uric acid in your body. If gout causes your joint pain, you should use gout medications to eliminate the pain. For example, probenecid is a conventional choice that promotes the excretion of uric from your body. However, if you have kidney problems, you should not use this medication because it could predispose you to kidney stones. Allopurinal is the other medication that can treat gout and alleviate joint pain. It functions by reducing uric acid production.

5. Dietary Supplements

While they do not directly fall under the medication category because they lack approved therapeutic claims, you can take them to manage joint aches. If you are an osteoarthritis patient, for instance, you can take chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. These supplements help in replenishing of the depleted connective tissues and cartilages, which cushion your bones.

You can find glucosamine and chondroitin in powder, tablet, capsule or liquid form. While these supplements do not work for all people, it is safe to use them because unlike other medicine, they do not have side effects.

Additionally, turmeric and ginger play an effective role like the mentioned supplements and are very effective in relieving joint pain.

6. Topical Agents

Capsaicin, a substance that you can find in chili peppers can relieve joint pains caused by arthritis among other causes. Capsaicin functions by blocking the substance that aids in transmission of pain signals. It triggers the production of endorphins that block pain. If you take capsaicin, you may experience minor side effects such as a burning in the region of application. The arthritis cream is another topical option that you can use to relieve joint pain.

Whichever treatment your health professional recommends, you should go for immediate treatment if: the joint pain gets severe, your joint abruptly becomes deformed or inflamed, or you find it hard to use your joint.

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