Having Painful Hips? Find Out Why Arthritis is Not the Only Reason

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Aug 192013
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Times without a number when you go to see your doctor with a hip condition, it is more likely that he or she would first diagnose for arthritis.

It is not always given that when you have a hip pain it is as a result of arthritis. While arthritis also results in hip pain, you should take caution not too rash into conclusion.

Hip pain is a condition that should not be ignored as it can deny you peace and happiness. Most people associate painful hips with old age, sex or sports.

It is important to note that you can suffer hip pain regardless of your sex, age or occupation. No one is immune to hip pain including you and me. But there is a remedy for this condition that may not be necessarily expensive.

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I recently went with a group of friends to visit a health care Centre for the aged in Colorado. What intrigued me is that the majority of the patients in that health care Centre complained of hip pain.

When we inquired, Carlos (a physiotherapist) told us that most of the patients had suffered fractures as a result of weak and brittle bones associated with old age. This was not very encouraging, but we later realized that most of the patients were regaining normalcy.

They had been put on a physiotherapy regime and records showed that would be released after going through the program for three months. Probably your solution lies in keeping fit by swimming, jogging, or cross country skiing.

These conservative procedures are very good since they lack side effects. You only turn to surgery if you enjoy your tissue being ripped off by the surgeon’s ‘knife’. You only turn to this if everything else fails.

7 Major Reasons for Painful Hips

There are a number of things that may make you suffer from hip and groin pain. Most of these are due to overworking of your muscles or tear and wear of the muscles as a result of old age. Some of these include:

1. Arthritis

It is the most common cause of hip pain amongst older adults. It causes inflammation of the joint and breakdown of the cartilage that cushions your hip bones and makes you to experience stiffness and reduced range of motion on the hip.

2. Hip fractures

With old age makes bones become weak and brittle. Consequently, you may easily fracture your bones. There a number of conditions that can make an individual have hip fractures besides age.  These are: sex- more so for women, the heredity – difference in bone zone, density, size and mass, nutrition- when you lack calcium or vitamin D.

3. Inflammation of the small fluid filled sacs (bursae)

This always happens to people who perform repetitive activities which overwork or irritate their hip joint.

4. Muscular or tendon strain (hip flexor strain and groin strain)

Repetitive activities on these muscles results to inflammation due overuse.

5. Avascular necrosis

Reduction of blood flow to the hip bones leads to the death of bone tissues, thus resulting to hip pain. This is caused by use of high dose steroids, hip fracture or dislocation.

6. Cancer

 Tumor of the bone or bone cancer triggers pain on hip bone and other bones of the body.

Painful Hips Caused by Arthritis

Arthritis is the most common cause hip pain amongst many people. You should always make sure that you have ruled the possibility of arthritis before you embark on physiotherapy. The two types of arthritis that you may be concerned about are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. If you confirm the two, you may need to engage a different treatment before physiotherapy.

It is arthritis that may be causing you chronic hip pain. You are always expected to take quick action on this and seek appropriate medical attention as failure to do this would lead to joint replacement. You may not want to travel on this road because it is not the very best option.

There is a misconception that arthritis does not have any satisfactory treatment. You should know that early and proper treatment would help in nailing the pains caused by arthritis. All you need to do is to seek medical attention early enough.

Using Physiotherapy to Soothe Your Painful Hips

Changes in bones shown by x-ray may always not mean you hip pain condition is as a result of arthritis. Not all these changes are associated with hip pain. You always need to make sure that the real cause is confirmed.

Most of the hip pain conditions may just be sorted by physiotherapy. This would work for you better. All that physiotherapy aims at is providing a balance to your muscles i.e. not having other muscles stronger or weaker than the others.

A massage therapist would really help come out of the pain associated with imbalanced thick and powerful muscles. Here are some of the physiotherapeutic approaches:

  1. Standing mini-squats with external rotation of opposite leg and Sumo squats, pelvic tilt in kneeling.
  2. Ball squeezes, concentric adduction using resistance against gravity.
  3. Standing adduction using resistance, seated adduction, machine, bilateral adduction using slide board.
  4. Adduction kneeling on ice, simulated skating using resisted striding and slide skating.
  5. Abdominal sit-ups straight and in oblique directions and combined abdominal sit up and hip flexion with a ball between knees.
  6. Balance training and low back extensions prone over a couch.
  7. Cross country skiing exercises on one leg and hip rotation with resistance band in sitting with knees flexed.
  8. Side lying external rotation, knees flexed, with resistance band and static adduction on against a ball (knees bent).

While not all hip pains are associated with arthritis, hip pains still remains a major many people are grappling with in this generation. You have a greater role to play to keep yourself from hip related conditions. Do not perform an activity repeatedly for this would easily wear your muscles and cause you hip pain. Be smart and engage in positive exercise with minimum strain.

Try out jogging in your backyard, swimming, and nature walk as this would not only help relieve the painful hips but will also renew you as you admire the beauty of nature.

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