7 Upper Hip Pain Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

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Aug 182013
upper hip pain during pregnancy

You may think that upper hip pain or pain at the waist area is a problem of old age. Certainly not, any person is susceptible to this problem since its causes do not respect age.

It is important that you do not rush into conclusion with regards to the possible causes of this condition. Proper diagnosis will help you know the exact cause.

Suffering this condition is not the end of the road for you, there is hope and you can be back on your feet again so long as you take quick action to remedy the situation.

The pain is real and it can deny you lots of opportunities and moments of joy either with family members or friends. Physiotherapy would be a very important tool for you to overcome the pain and regain normalcy.

A month ago I went to visit my friend Pick Williams in New York City. Unfortunately, Williams’s dad who is in his late sixties suffered arthritis which led to a severe upper hip pain, what was to be a time of reminiscing, catching up and joy was turned into a moment of sadness and consolation.

I could not stand seeing the old man in such a deep pain. Thanks to Peterson a friend who works with a Medicare group in Colorado as a physiotherapist.

He advised us to put him on anti-inflammatory medication for some time followed by a number of physiotherapy procedures.

It is amazing how this worked out and there was a great relief for the entire family. It is very possible for you to come out of upper hip pain.

All you need to do is to take a quick action and seek medical attention. There is no need of having a hip replacement or resurfacing due to a simple problem that can be handled early enough.

upper hip pain during pregnancy

Image Showing Woman experiencing Upper Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Causes of Upper Hip Pain

A number of illness and injuries can cause upper hip or waist area pain. These range from bone problems, muscle strain, organ problem and all these require very quick medical attention.

1. Muscular strain

Tear or strain on adductor muscles of the groin and the area between the waist and the hip or a muscle on your back would result to upper hip pain.

2. Inguinal Hernia

This happens when the lower abdominal wall develops a weak point allowing a section of the small intestine to push into the abdominal cavity resulting in a condition known as inguinal hernia.

3. Organ Problem

An internal organ may trigger a problem with pain in the lower abdomen which may be an indicator of appendicitis, diverticulitis or ectopic pregnancy.

4. Arthritis

It is the most common cause of hip pain amongst older adults. It leads to the inflammation of the joint and breakdown of the cartilage that cushions your hip bones. It makes you experience stiffness and reduced motion on the hip.

5. Hip fractures

In old age, bones become weak and brittle. Thus, you may easily fracture your bones as a result of a fall or any other accident.

6. Inflammation of the small fluid filled sacs (bursae)

This comes when you perform repetitive activities which overwork or irritate the hip joint. People who do a particular work for a long time are more prone to this condition.

7. Cancer

Tumor of the bone or bone cancer induces pain on hip bone as well as other bones of the body.

Upper Hip Pain Symptoms

The symptoms associated with upper hip pain include; clicking and catching sensation which most of the times can make it hard for you to enjoy your sleep, others include high impact trauma followed by severe pain, localized pain, swelling and bruising at the iliac crest, abdominal and gluteal muscle spasm, pain increased by movement and severe blunt trauma to the muscles.

If you are a woman, then you need to pay keen attention on these symptoms as they can be signs of ectopic pregnancy, thus the need to see your doctor for further examination to establish the cause.

Otherwise there should be no cause for alarm for we shall explore some of the possible remedies for upper hip conditions which would give you a hope of recovery and getting back to action just like anyone else.

Remedies for Upper Hip Pain

Surgical approach to upper hip pain should always be the last resort. Anti- inflammatory medication or hip joint injection would be very important before you start undertaking physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy offers solutions with less trauma and side effects to you. Some of the physiotherapeutic procedures that would be very helpful to you are:

  1. Sumo squats, pelvic tilt in kneeling.
  2. Ball squeezes, concentric adduction using resistance against gravity.
  3. Standing adduction using resistance, seated adduction, machine, bilateral adduction using slide board.
  4. Adduction kneeling on ice, simulated skating using resisted striding and slide skating.
  5. Static adduction on against a ball (knees bent).
  6. Abdominal sit-ups straight and in oblique directions.
  7. Combined abdominal sit-up and hip flexion with ball between knees.
  8. Balance training.
  9. Low back extensions prone over a couch.
  10. Cross country skiing exercises on one leg.
  11. Hip rotation with resistance band in sitting with knees flexed.
  12. Side lying external rotation, knees flexed, with resistance band.
  13. Standing mini-squats with external rotation of the opposite leg.

Ignoring problems associated with hip pains of any kind would be such a great mistake on your part. The onset of any kind of hip pain should be responded to with the agency. You must do all it takes to sort out this problem because it would deny you happiness.

Remember, treatment of this condition varies and you should not just pick on one because of low cost or something. Pick the right treatment for your condition and make sure you have given your doctor all the details necessary to nail the problem.

There is nothing sweet as being healthy, the healthier you are the more productive you become in all that you engage in. Probably all that you need is rest, jogging, sit ups and swimming after a long day of work. This is a great magic that will relieve your of upper hip pain.

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